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The Leap Planner story - why we created it?

Posted by Filip Bibic on

First of all, let me introduce us. We are Filip and Joško, two friends from a small town called Šibenik, Croatia - Europe. We have been friends for more than 10 years. In those 10 years, we’ve built a really interesting connection, both of us being very entrepreneurial, we’d always brainstorm and come up with various ideas but we never wanted to do business together for one simple reason - not to ruin the friendship we had knowing the fact that both of us have a very strong character and that everything we do simply needs to be perfect. However, perfection is a relative term and in the eye of the viewer. 

One rainy afternoon, in May of 2018 we decided to meet at our favorite place for coming up with ideas, a small bar with a beautiful view called Arka, located in a town called Skradin. I was trying to gather all the notes I had written all over the place, various papers, notebooks, my phone and I simply lost it. After countless hours and nerves lost to searching all over the damn place for important information, notes I wrote somewhere, my schedules and other important stuff, I had enough. I spend years and years developing the perfect mobile app for note-taking but it never felt right. The tasks written on my phone and the tasks written on the paper never had the same weight.

It was then when we decided to come up with the perfect planner for ourselves. We bought every single planner out there and none of them seemed to fit, they were either too big or too small, to thin or too thick, unorganized or missing what we needed. We saw an opportunity to fix the problem, for ourselves to begin with and then everybody else struggling with the same problem.

What if you had a planner that is perfect sized, lightweight, elegantly designed and it provided even more than you asked for? We saw an opportunity.

Since we are doers and we grab every opportunity by the throat, we decided to take this one on. 

We dedicated more than 365 days to research and development of The Leap Planner so it can serve our purpose perfectly. We implemented the segments that you can’t even find in a digital app on your phone. We used psychology and scientific research to pull the maximum out of everyone who decides to use it.

We believe in dedication and persistence, do you?

Did you know that it’s scientifically proven that you need 21 days to make or break a habit? Habit section is available in The Leap Planner. 

Did you know that tracking your time helps you optimize your life and have more time to spend on things that matter to you? Daily / weekly / monthly time tracking is available in The Leap Planner.

Did you know that writing down the important dates and saving goals actually helps them get closer to meet them? Both sections are available in The Leap Planner.

That and much much more is in there. We spent countless hours trying to come up with perfect solutions and placements, we tested it and use it ourselves every single day, along with many business owners, students, surgeons, moms, dads and everybody else out there.