Being Productive, Even If You Are Lazy Doesn't Have To Be A Pain!

Let Us Make It Easy As „fill in the blank“ For You!

Unlock Your Potential Using These Tried, Tested and Proven steps:

  • Plan your life to feel proud and achieved using Easy to follow pages
  • Find and connect actions with patterns to improve your efficiency and maximize your performance
  • Pin down days, weeks and months to be in control at all times
  • ​months of pure performance, happiness, improvements in your life
  • and much more (read below)

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"This is a life changer! Thank you guys so much!" - Alex H.

Not Sure If This Planner Is For You?
Keep Reading To Learn Why Productivity Is One Skill Everyone MUST Learn ...

From across the room…
…you can see you forgot about it.

What is it?
Why did you forget it?
Why do you feel miserable when you're
out of control?

If you can answer that last question…

You've found a key to productivity…

Curious? Good.

The answer has made us into productivity machines.

It's looking at you...

So What's The Most Valuable Personal Skill?

The sense of accomplishment, control and efficiency gives you a guaranteed satisfaction on every level of your life. If you're lacking them, chances are you're most likely lacking in one particular skill…

… It's the skill that drives every successful person ever

… It's the skill that can transform a couch potato into a millionaire or even a billionaire

… It's also the skill that many veteran entrepreneurs and all over successful people confess is the toughest to master

We never blame anyone for struggling with it.

It's not a skill that is taught in school or prioritized in college.

Even though this skill
directly impacts your happiness and life on so many positive levels
, in reality, we weren't „professionals“ at it at all a few years ago. We developed this skill  out of necessity, not out of pure desire.

Most people think it's things like…

  • Waking up early
  • ​Exercising
  • Eating healthy
  • Working more than 8 hours per day
  • ​Meditation
  • ​Taking a cold shower

…are the most important things to be productive.

While these are very important in their own way, they're relatively easy to do and a many people do them while still being totally unproductive.

So what is this „key“ to productivity? The one skill almost all successful people will admit is in large part responsible for their success?

If you haven't already guessed it, that skill is planning. Specifically, strategic planning.


Strategic planning is an organization's or individual's process of defining strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. But planning is sooo much more than the academic definition.

"You can't blow an uncertain trumpet"

- Theodore Hesburgh

Planning is the most profitable skill I've ever learned. Profitable in every sense of the word, in business, in life, even in a relationship with my dog. Even if your life is a mess, with planning it becomes an oasis of bliss.

Yet, planning seems to be the
one skill that's hard to understand

Keep reading this article and
we'll teach you how to save up to an hour using a small hack.

One quick clarification
before I share this method…

I'm not a planning expert.

And you don't have to be one either.

You see, what I invest in are the skills that make myself, my team and our customers the most return on the time spent learning them – in time, in happiness, in money, in anything you can think of.

  • I've learned how to speak a foreign language in a record time
  • I've learned how to make or break any habit in much less than 21 days (scientifically proven you need at least 21 days
  • I've learned how to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • I've learned how to not to go crazy when things aren't going to my expectations

But I'll say it again

NONE OF THIS, and I really mean NONE OF THIS

can compare with the amazing results my planning skills have brought me, our team and our customers. For many of them, planning has become the most „profitable“ skill they ever learned, even more profitable than sales or marketing. Now they're able to leverage everything they have, or will have, according to their goals. (since every goal needs to have a specific allocation of resources – time, energy, money…)

Truth is… you can be great at any skill there is, sales, marketing, fitness, creative thinking or even flying a plane.

But, if you can't plan your day, week or month to actually fit your goals… well… you're screwed.

I'm not talking about productivity or planning apps, though some of them can be useful, I'm referring to using old school, tested and proven over and over again – planning on paper (or digital paper). Not just any paper, paper productivity planner, designed just for that – planning and productivity.

In short..

If you learn how to leverage The Leap Planner, you won't always have to rely on „guessing“ if your planning will work.

Most failures I've seen over the years had less to do with ideas, concepts or even products, and more to do with your (people's) ability to plan successfully.

Planning is almost always the missing piece..

If you dread planning as much as most do, you must learn how to leverage proper planning tools to help you do it QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY.

"Simple“ Method Like This,
Combined With Many Others Made Me Go From Lazy To Crazy Productive

I'm sure it's not a stretch to say that with just this one method you'd be able to walk away from this page and improve your productivity… or at least help save you time in everyday life.

That's precisely why we've put not just one,
but 14+ different planning and optimization, productivity maximizing frameworks for you to use in your own pace.

Using these, in this exact combination helped me and our team, along with many of our customers transform ourselves into productivity superstars.

Because there was not a single productivity planner good enough for what we wanted to achieve, we've created our own, with one goal in mind – optimized as hell, for maximum performance achievable to anyone – at a incredibly low price.

Ready To Unlock Your Potential?

Here's a quick peek inside our Leap Planner…

- Nelson Dellis

🧠🏆🏅4 x USA Memory Champion (USA Memory Record Holder)

Pick Up Your Copy Of The
Leap Planner!

The Leap Planner - DIGITAL Version
The Leap Planner - DIGITAL Version

The Leap Planner - DIGITAL Version


For all your needs, from daily life planning to business, our planner has something for you.

You know when it's time to start living in the digital age, when all your friends are telling you that it's totally time to do it. You've found the right tool for that, this is the planner that will show you how to get organized.

Here's the best way to move from paper planners to digital planners. One thing you'll never have to schlep around with you is a notebook.

PDF version of our limited edition planner. Use it with your iPad, tablet or PC. 

Apps? E-mails? When it comes to organizers, paper beats them all. The old school approach consistently turns out the best, as writing with hand on paper (or digital paper) activates fine motor movements of the hand to engage the brain.

Organize your life right now by taking a leap with The Leap Planner and filling them to the brim with your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Articulate everything you ever wanted to achieve, break down your goals, get clarity of mind, self-confidence, and supreme success.

Wasting mere 5 minutes every day for the next quarter comes out to 7.5 hours, nearly a full workday you could have used to get somewhere before your competition does. Don't waste another second, take a leap towards success.

No matter your goals to achieve and dreams to live up to, our planner has everything you need to manage and enhance your daily routine.

Whatever your reason for using a planner, whether it be for school, work, or day to day life planning - we've got the solution that's right for you. You'll find that our digital planners can meet all your organizational needs and then some. They're designed to take over the role of whichever paper planner you've been using previously. To change your life like you've always wanted to!

Whatever your needs are in the 21st century, you need to know how much power you have when it comes to getting that important information organized in one place. Not only will you be able to organize your time, but there are so many other various applications for this tablet planner, all of which are included in the package. It gives you all the tools you need to implement a successful organization system whether it's at home or for your business or schoolwork. If you haven't already made the switch over to this personal organizer already - now is the time!

This is a "Living“ Planner, The More Data You Input,
The More Productive You'll Be…

FRAMEWORKS Included Today ...

Daily Section

  • Time tracking so you can organize your day down to the last minute, remove clutter and know exactly what you need to do.

  • To-do list to pin down and work through your daily tasks. Feel proud when checking task off the list.

  • Emotions reflection easily reflect on your daily emotions, connect them with tasks, actions and optimize them for improvement. Feeling            low today? Maybe it has to do with something you did today. See how to work it through.

  • ​Sleep / water tracking for tracking and improvements. You know you should track those, but you don't, do you? Let's fix that.

  • Biggest fail / biggest win of the day to reflect back on small wins and failures. When it adds up, it gives you 2 things, either the feeling of being proud, or knowledge on what do improve in the upcoming day/week/month.

  • Today I'm grateful for because there is something to be grateful for each and every day. Fill yourself with positive thoughts when reflecting back on this section every once in a while..

  • Notes for quick and easy sketching or jotting down when needed

Weekly section

  • Habit tracker so you can easily track your habits, both good and bad. It has been proved you need 21 days to make or break most of the habits. Watch it become less using The Leap Planner and this section, in a combination with others.

  •  â€‹Weekly reflection to see what went good and what went bad - how to improve it. Easily connect with patterns or actions from any previous date (due to all the data and insights you've gathered).

  • 3 biggest wins / losses of the week to reflect on the best or the worst of the week. Once you acknowledge them, you'll get a sense of satisfaction - even if they aren't anything special. You are trying as hard as you can.

  • ​Best moment of the week watch yourself looking back at this with a smiling face. Reflect on this to cheer you up, motivate yourself or just to see how beautiful life is.

  • ​Meal plan to briefly overview your meal plan for the upcoming week

Monthly Section 

  • Monthly overview for you to easily overview the whole month, jot down brief notes about the day and feel more in control.

  • Monthly ​To-do list to track monthly to-dos such as paying bills, checking oil in your car or anything else important to you.

  • ​Monthly goals for you to define your goals and work through them using daily / weekly sections.

  • ​Birthday / important day tracker for you to never forget any important date again.

  • Saving goals so you can track your spending goals

Notes Section

  • 40 pages of blank dotted pages for you to sketch, draw, or do anything your heart desires. This section is for you to define.

Additional Information

  • A5 Dimensions
  • ​Undated
  • ​PDF

Early Bird Pricing Still Available


This Planner Makes You Or Breaks You – In A Good Way. You Will Finally See How Much You're Missing On.

- Ana J. VP of Sales

I've tried many planners in my life and all I can say is - good job! Not only does it help me organize myself and my tasks, but also creates a sense of security and calmness in my life. The Leap Planner team was 100% right about clutter, once I got it under control (using this planner), I was finally free. Thank you guys once again.

- Alan Lakein

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

- Alex H.

"This is a life changer! Thank you guys so much!"

- Alan Lakein

Best planner I've ever tried.

A glimpse into what you're unlocking today...

  • 14+ FRAMEWORKS to help you plan, optimize and be control at all times
  • EASY TO USE  layout with everything you need in one small A5 planner
  • 3 MONTHS OF PLANNING for you to easily track,connect and analyze your performance, notice patterns, improve
  • ​​DAILY SECTIONS for planning your days, tracking your time and reflect on emotions and much more
  • ​MONTHLY SECTIONS for overviewing your months, managing monthly to-do's, keeping track of important monthly goals, dates and spending or saving goals

it's just easy to use

WEEKLY SECTION for you to quickly make or break habits, reflect on the previous week and track performance, eat healthier and be grateful for everything going on in your life

NOTES SECTION for your open mind to play with. Draw, sketch or use it for anything you might find interesting

old school, yet so modern

PROVEN DESIGN we implemented and tested hundreds of combinations to come up with the latest one. Trust me, if anything can get you on the right track, it's in here.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if by any chance you don't seem to get a grasp on it, email us and we will take care of you.

Who's This Planner For?

Small Business Owners – we made this for you!

Millions of things going on with no-one to help. You feel like you're lonely on a deserted island with hungry monsters coming to get you. I know how hard it is to manage everything, which is exactly why the planner like this will help. Not only clutter produces anxiety but it directly influences overall health and productivity in general. Letting a perfected productivity framework guide you and help you to plan was our main goal of creating this planner.

Students – a very powerful tool

We've been there too! Preparing for exams, trying to find all the scripts, notes and materials, jot down everything you need to study for this and that exam. We've all been there and completely understand how frustrating it is to juggle between your social life, obligations, school or college, exams and much more. You know the saying „write it on a piece of paper and watch it happen“? It wasn't made up for no reason. Start writing your goals and tasks, planning your days and watch yourself become more relaxed and peaceful because you've finally got it under control.

Busy Moms And Dads – ooooh, trust me, I know your pain

Waking up, driving here and there, picking up this and that, driving again, cooking, working, organizing, cleaning and trying to make everybody happy is hard. It's something all of us experience and no-one is really talking about it, however, all of this was a big part of our development process in the planner. Just like students, and business owners, or maybe a combination of all 3, you're facing huge clutter and a mess of obligations and tasks that need to be done. What if there is a way to do it all and still find time for yourself, happiness, hobbies, and relaxation – we've got you covered because all of this was taken into consideration when creating this planner

And anybody else looking to take their life under control. We got you covered!

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