The Leap Planner - DIGITAL Version

$5 $19.99 Regular price 75% OFF
The Leap Planner - DIGITAL Version

The Leap Planner - DIGITAL Version

$5 $19.99 Regular price 75% OFF
This is a Digital Download PDF Version of our Paper Planner
GoodNotes, ZoomNotes, Xodo, and more.
No waiting, Instant Download right to your phone and computer.


For all your needs, from daily life planning to business, our planner has something for you.

You know when it's time to start living in the digital age, when all your friends are telling you that it's totally time to do it. You've found the right tool for that, this is the planner that will show you how to get organized.

Here's the best way to move from paper planners to digital planners. One thing you'll never have to schlep around with you is a notebook.

PDF version of our limited edition planner. Use it with your iPad, tablet or PC. 

Apps? E-mails? When it comes to organizers, paper beats them all. The old school approach consistently turns out the best, as writing with hand on paper (or digital paper) activates fine motor movements of the hand to engage the brain.

Organize your life right now by taking a leap with The Leap Planner and filling them to the brim with your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Articulate everything you ever wanted to achieve, break down your goals, get clarity of mind, self-confidence, and supreme success.

Wasting mere 5 minutes every day for the next quarter comes out to 7.5 hours, nearly a full workday you could have used to get somewhere before your competition does. Don't waste another second, take a leap towards success.

No matter your goals to achieve and dreams to live up to, our planner has everything you need to manage and enhance your daily routine.

Whatever your reason for using a planner, whether it be for school, work, or day to day life planning - we've got the solution that's right for you. You'll find that our digital planners can meet all your organizational needs and then some. They're designed to take over the role of whichever paper planner you've been using previously. To change your life like you've always wanted to!

Whatever your needs are in the 21st century, you need to know how much power you have when it comes to getting that important information organized in one place. Not only will you be able to organize your time, but there are so many other various applications for this tablet planner, all of which are included in the package. It gives you all the tools you need to implement a successful organization system whether it's at home or for your business or schoolwork. If you haven't already made the switch over to this personal organizer already - now is the time!

  • 🗓️ Monthly section for brief overview of entire month, including most important monthly to-dos, birthday tracking and goal setting
  • 🔎 Weekly section for habit tracking to reinforce positive and eliminate the negative, set weekly meal plans, track and create patterns, analyze ups and downs and sum up the week
  • ☀️ Daily section for optimizing productivity to unprecedented levels to minimize time wasting, articulate ideas, jot down thoughts and notes, emotionally reflect on the day, discover mental habits, monitor water intake and sleep schedule
  • 💡 Notes / Ideas section with 40 pages exclusively dedicated to writing down random tidbits and freestyle sketching
  • 📈 1 Quarter - the ideal time span to make the difference in your life, easiest to track and analyze, lightest to carry around with you every day

How To PLan your Life Digitally

Step 1

Buy Our Digital Planner today and plan right now.

Step 2

Download Your Digital Planner instantly to your tablet and phone.

Step 3

Start Now, Don't keep your dreams and goals waiting

A month at a glance

Monthly overview for an entire month, including important monthly meetings to attend, birthday tracking and goal setting? What's not to like about that dream life! Imagine planning your social calendar around your industry events; never forgetting someone's birthday or anniversary; and marking certain days in red on your calendar for maximum effectiveness. Check, check it sounds like the stuff of dreams - but this is exactly what you can get with our awesome new Monthly Diary section!

7 Days Ahead

Weekly View

The Weekly Section is here to help you boost your productivity. As part of your weekly routine, you record small routines that reinforce good behavior while eliminating negative behaviors. The Weekly Section also helps you stay on top of your health with a specific section to set weekly meal plans, track progress patterns and analyze ups and downs. This tool will help sum up the week while planning the next one!

Love Your Daily Ritual

Everyday is focus day

Within this daily section you will be able to uncover new methods for minimizing the amount of time wasted and turning that into double and triple checks and pulling in more than 5 percent productivity gains to really maximize the work ethic and streamline progress. Productivity is indisputably the new mainstream mantra among the young generation. It seems to be the only way out of the never-ending rat race so crucial for flourishing careers and fulfilling life goals

40 pages For your

Notes & Ideas

Our Notes and Ideas section lets you store and sketch all your thoughts without worry of dedicating many pages into organizing your ideas

Lighten Your Load Plans Change

1 Quarter at a time

The ideal time span to make the difference in your life is one quarter . It's easy to track and analyze because it involves seasons of change. A quarter is also light enough to carry around with you every day, so this is quarter one - ready?